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How to Enable or Disable HTTPS for Your Website at Hostinger
How to Enable or Disable HTTPS for Your Website at Hostinger

Forcing and unforcing HTTPS connections to your website

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As soon as an SSL certificate is installed on your website on any Web or Cloud hosting plan, HTTPS will be enabled (forced) by default, providing your visitors with a secure connection.

While enforcing HTTPS is highly recommended, you can disable it and have your website load via HTTP instead. It can be used for testing purposes or due to specific requirements.

To completely remove an SSL certificate, you can uninstall it 💡

In the Websites section, find the site in question and click on Manage next to it. In the sidebar, search for SSL and click on it:

The SSL menu option

Next, click on the ellipsis ⋮ button next to the domain or subdomain and select Unforce HTTPS. This will make HTTP connections available:

To revert back to HTTPS, on the same SSL management page, choose Force HTTPS:

If you prefer to set the HTTP version as default, you can set up a redirect from HTTPS to HTTP. This is recommended for SEO, as having a single URL provides better ranking results. However, keep in mind that the HTTPS version provides greater SEO benefits.

If you use a custom SSL certificate and it becomes invalid or expires while enforcing HTTPS, your site will become inaccessible 💡

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