Is FFmpeg Supported at Hostinger?

Using FFMPEG at Hostinger

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FFmpeg is an open-source software suite primarily used for handling multimedia data. It is a collection of libraries and tools for recording, converting, and streaming audio and video files in various formats.

Some of its key functionalities include audio and video conversion, video editing, streaming and recording, among others.

At Hostinger, FFmpeg is only supported on our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) due to its resource-intensive nature. VPS provides dedicated resources, ensuring a stable environment for your project.

Since VPS hosting is self-managed, you'll be responsible for setting up and arranging all software and associated tools on your own. While this might need a bit of technical knowledge, it will grant you complete control and flexibility to work with FFmpeg.

To find out more about VPS plans and how to use them, feel free to check out our VPS Tutorials 💡

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