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DNS Zone Management at Hostinger
How to Manage DNS Records at Hostinger
How to Manage DNS Records at Hostinger

Managing the DNS records of a domain in hPanel

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To manage the DNS records of a domain registered at Hostinger, navigate to the Domains section and click on the Manage button:

If the Renew button appears instead, click on the options ( ⋮ ) next to it to reach the domain management page.

You can find your domains purchased elsewhere and pointing to Hostinger nameservers in the External domains section below My Domains.

For domains pointed elsewhere, use the DNS management tools provided by the respective platform.

Once in the domain management page, select the DNS / Nameservers from the left sidebar:

Accessing the domain's DNS zone by opening the tab DNS / Nameservers

At the top of the DNS / Nameservers section, there are four main tabs: DNS records, Child nameservers, DNSSEC and DNS History:

The availability of child nameservers and DNSSEC settings may vary depending on the domain's extension (TLD) 💡

Manage DNS Records

The DNS records tab leads to the DNS zone management, where you can add, edit and delete records:

Add Record

To create a new record, enter the values for type, name, content, TTL, and any otheradditional information required, depending on the record type. Once it’s done, click on Add Record:

The Manage DNS records section showing how to add a new record

Here are some detailed guides for each record type:

Edit or Delete Records

You can consult the full list of DNS records for your domain below the Add record option, and use the search bar to find a specific record. You will have the option to delete or edit the record to the right:

The domain DNS record list showing where to edit or delete a record
  1. Delete - the record is removed without requiring further confirmation.

  2. Edit - enter the new type, name, target and TTL values, then click on Update.

After making any changes to your DNS records, consider up to 24 hours for them to propagate. If you change the domain's nameservers to a different provider, the DNS Zone management will move to where you pointed your nameservers.

Restore Records

To restore your DNS zone to a previous version, select the DNS History tab and click on Restore next to the date for which you want to roll back any DNS changes:

Verify that these are the records you want to use to fully replace the current values, scroll down and mark the checkbox to accept that restoring DNS may affect your current website and that it will require some time for the changes to apply.

Once all is good to go, click on the Restore DNS zone and, once propagation is completed, your DNS records will be restored.

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