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DNS Zone management at Hostinger
How to Manage DNS Records at Hostinger
How to Manage DNS Records at Hostinger
Managing the DNS records of a domain in hPanel
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You can create, edit or delete the DNS records of your domain via DNS Zone Editor.

If your domain is purchased at Hostinger, you can manage their DNS Zone by opening the Domains section, selecting the domain from the My domains list:

The Domains section on hPanel showing how to access the DNS zone

Then clicking on DNS/Nameservers on the sidebar:

If your domain was purchased elsewhere and is pointing to Hostinger by nameservers, go to the Domains section of hPanel, scroll down to the External domains list and click on Manage:


  • If the external domain is pointing elsewhere by nameservers, your DNS Zone management is moved to the provider you pointed the domain to and should be managed from there.

Manage DNS Records

Right on top of DNS/Nameservers, you will see the domain nameservers, and below it, a section to choose between configuring DNS records, Child nameservers or DNSSEC:

The DNS records tabs to manage DNS, Child nameservers and DNSSEC for a domain


  • Depending on the domain TLD, setting up child nameservers and DNSSEC may not be available

If you choose DNS records, you will see a section for managing A, CNAME, MX, TXT, AAAA, NS, SRV, and CAA types of DNS records.

Add Record

To create a new record, enter the values for type, name, content, TTL (based on record type you may need to fill in other information as well). Once it’s done, click on Add Record:

The Manage DNS records section showing how to add a new record

Edit or Delete Records

You can consult the full list of DNS records for your domain below the add record option, and use the search bar to find a specific record.

You will see the buttons to delete or edit the record to the right:

The domain DNS record list showing where to edit or delete a record
  1. Permanently delete a record

  2. Modify the record's values

Any DNS Record changes trigger propagation, which can last up to 24 hours to fully propagate. If you change the domain's nameservers to a different provider, the DNS Zone management will move to where you pointed your nameservers.

You can find a detailed tutorial for each type of record here:

Additional resources:

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