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DNS Zone Management at Hostinger
How to Change Nameservers at Hostinger
How to Change Nameservers at Hostinger

Changing your domain's nameservers at Hostinger

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Changing nameservers allows you to point your domain from Hostinger to any service, moving the DNS zone management to that service. Here's how you can do it:

Step 1 - Access the DNS Zone Editor

Navigate to the Domains section on your hPanel, and click on Manage next to the domain that you want to update.

Select on DNS/Nameservers on the sidebar:

And click on Change Nameservers:

Step 2 - Update Nameservers

There are two alternatives:

  1. Use Hostinger nameservers (recommended) – choose this option to keep your domain pointed to Hostinger

  2. Change nameservers – select this option to point your domain elsewhere. Enter the values of up to 4 nameservers

Once ready, click on Save. Changing nameservers will transfer your DNS Zone management to the new service provider - any further DNS changes should be done there.

After making DNS changes, such as updating nameservers, allow up to 24 hours for propagation. During this time, your website and domain management may be temporarily unavailable. Typically, changes take effect within a few hours 😊

For additional guidance, you can refer to the following video tutorial:

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