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How to Change Your Hostinger Account Password
How to Change Your Hostinger Account Password

Changing the password of your Hostinger profile

Updated over a week ago

You can change your account’s password from inside your hPanel. If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it by following this guide: How to Reset Your Hostinger Account Password.

In case you are using social login (Google account, Facebook or GitHub) and want to change your login method to email and password for your Hostinger account, make sure to first unlink your social account. You will be required to generate a new dedicated password for your Hostinger account, which can be later changed by following this procedure.

If you are already using email and password to log in, change the password by clicking on the profile icon and choosing Account Information:

Next, scroll down to the Account settings section and click on the arrow next to the password:

In the next window, enter your current password, create a new password, and click on Confirm.

How to Create a Strong Password

Make sure that your password:

  1. Is not being used on other websites

  2. Contains more than 8 characters

  3. Includes different characters, that is, a mix of numbers, letters and special characters

  4. Does not include elements that can easily recognize you, such as important dates, a pet’s name, etc.

With a strong password, you ensure your account will be as secure as possible. You may also use a password manager - there are several great options around 🔒

For increased security, you can consider using social login or adding two-factor authentication (2FA).

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