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Are Hostinger Services Available for Purchase in Every Country?
Are Hostinger Services Available for Purchase in Every Country?

Use Hostinger services from all around the world

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Our services can be purchased from virtually anywhere!

It is recommended that you sign into the Hostinger brand website of your location, eg. choose if you are located in the United Kingdom. This way, you will get the best deals in your local currency as well as special promotions 🚀

For the United States and countries without a dedicated Hostinger brand, you can go to our global website, where you can pay in USD. Alternatively, you can select the most convenient brand for you by clicking the flag icon on the main page:

The Hostinger brand selector

Regardless of the selected Hostinger brand, make sure to enter your current country of residence or business registration during purchase in order to properly set up your tax code.

Please note that certain exceptions apply:

  • Due to international regulations, services are not available to the following countries: Belarus, Cuba, Iran, DPRK (North Korea), the Russian Federation (including occupied Ukrainian territories), Syria and Venezuela

  • To prevent misuse, some countries may be flagged as high-risk, requiring manual verification for domain registrations or other purchases

  • Additional verification or restrictions may apply to services purchased from specific countries as mandated by international authorities

We strive to make our services available to as many locations as possible while adhering to international laws.

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