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How to Pay For Hostinger Services in Advance
How to Pay For Hostinger Services in Advance

Paying for Hostinger services in advance

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At Hostinger, you have several billing cycles and payment method options, so you'll have the freedom to choose what suits you best:

Hosting and Email Hosting

You can choose to longer subscription period to avoid recurrent payments, as well as get a better per-month price. We have options of up to 48 months.

You can renew your service anytime, even shortly after purchasing it. The new expiration date will be extended to the end of the previous expiration date, adding the new subscription period. You can also change your billing cycle upon renewal.


The minimum registration period for all domains is one year. In addition, some domain extensions (TLD) allow multi-year registration. If available, you will get this option during the domain purchase or renewal process.

It is highly recommended to avoid domain expiration - a good option to achieve this is by enabling auto-renewal.

By choosing longer subscription periods and enabling automatic renewal, you can save time managing your services and ensure that they are always up and running.

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