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Where to Find Your Website's Error Logs
Where to Find Your Website's Error Logs

Tracking your website errors through the PHP error log files

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The error log provides valuable information to identify and troubleshoot issues within your website's PHP code. If you have enabled PHP error logging, your error log file will be located in the .logs folder. You can reach it from the Access all files of your web hosting option on File Manager:

The .logs folder on the File Manager

Your website's error log file name will be composed of “error_log_” and the name of the domain or subdomain. The content of the file will look similar to this:

The file editor displaying a sample error log file

Missing or Empty error_log Files

If the error_log file does not exist or is empty, first, double-check that you have enabled PHP error logging. Errors will start being registered from the moment you enable error logging onward. Previous errors will not be added to the log.

In addition, error_log files will only register PHP errors, such as Warnings, Deprecated, Notices, etc., and will not store other types of errors, like server, resource-related, database, domain-related, or similar errors.

If your error_log file is empty or does not exist, it means that there are no PHP errors on your website since you started logging.

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