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What to Do When a Website Shows "Index of /"
What to Do When a Website Shows "Index of /"
Alternatives to fix the "Index of /" error on a website
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When a website is accessed, it is typically by using the domain name, eg. https://domain.tld and the index file will be loaded by default.

If an index.php or index.html file cannot be located in the root folder (/public_html), you will see an "Index of /", similar to this:

The Index of / page due to a missing or misnamed index file

You have a few options to fix it:

  • Disable directory listing from your control panel: Navigate to the Folder Index Manager page. On the directory field, enter the public_html folder. On indexing type, choose No index and click Add:

  • Go to the public_html folder of your domain via File Manager and check that the index file name is written correctly. It can be either index.html, index.htm, or index.php. If none of these files exist, you can create an empty index file:

The New file window of Hostinger hPanel's File Manager
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