How to Restore a Deleted Website

Using backups to restore a deleted website on your hosting plan at Hostinger

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If you have removed a website from your hosting plan and wish to bring it back, you can restore it from the latest backup by following these steps:


  • After restoring a backup, your website will be returned to its state at the moment of backup creation - any changes done after the backup date will be reverted

  • Websites created with the Hostinger Website Builder cannot be restored once deleted

Step 1 - Re-Add Your Domain

Add the deleted domain to your hosting plan once more. Navigate to Websites and select Create or migrate a website:

The option to create or migrate a website

When prompted, select Skip, create an empty website:

The option to skip website creation or migration and create an empty website

Next, provide the required information and enter your domain name. Ensure that the domain name is active and accurately spelled.

Step 2- Restore Files From Backups

Navigate to Websites and search for Backups on the left sidebar. Once there, select Files backups:

The available bakup options showing how to select files backups

Choose the preferred date from the list. On the file area, open the domains directory, select the folder named after the website you want to restore and click on Restore files. The restoration process can take up to 15 minutes, depending on the size of your website.

You can check a detailed guide here: How to Restore Specific Websites 💡

Step 3- Restore the Database From Backups

To restore the database, you will need to create a new database and then restore the database backup.

Re-Create the Database

First, create an empty database with the same name, username, and password as the previous one. To find this information, use the File Manager to open the configuration file located in the public_html folder of the restored website.

Now head to Websites → Manage, and search for Database Management on the sidebar:

The database management menu item

Select the website on the left drop-down menu. Then, head to the Create a New MySQL Database And Database User section, enter the database name, username, and password from your website's configuration file and click on Create.

Restore the Database

Navigate to Websites → Backups and select Database backups:

The available bakup options showing how to select database backups

Choose the database name from the list, select the same backup date as the files backup, and click on Restore.

For more information, refer to this guide: Restore Databases 💡

That's it! Your website is now restored. To verify it, open it using an incognito window on your browser.

Step 4 (Optional) - Restore Emails

If you have removed the website less than 7 days ago, you can recover your emails by following the procedure detailed on this article: How to Restore a Deleted Hostinger Email Account

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