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How to Fix the Blank Page Error
How to Fix the Blank Page Error

Fixing white screen error when your website appears empty

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If your website is WordPress-based and it is showing a blank or white screen, check the following video tutorial or find information below for other types of websites:

For custom websites or if you are using a CMS other than WordPress, the most common reason for a blank page is code-related, such as a missing character. For example, a semicolon, a quotation mark, or a bracket. When this happens, instead of an error message, the website will show a blank or empty screen.

To identify the root cause and troubleshoot it, you can try the following alternatives:

  • Enable PHP error reporting: You can get more information by checking any error messages PHP may show. For security reasons, the error display is disabled by default - to enable it, follow these steps: How to turn on PHP error messages

  • Test your code often: Testing each piece of code as you add it will help you identify an error more quickly - it is likely related to the most recent changes applied

  • Try a color-coded editor: Color code will make lines that don't end properly stand out better since you'll see large parts of code in the same color. There are free editors available that include this feature. You can also try our File Editor - it supports syntax highlighting for the most common programming languages

  • Comment out code: One more way to isolate the issue is by commenting out portions of your code. Starting at the top, comment out all but the first couple of lines, then add an echo() test message right above the commented code.
    If the echo displays correctly, it means the issue is below it. Move the start of your comment, and the test echo downwards as you work through until you find the root cause of the blank page. You can use the File Editor for this

In case you need further help with finding the cause of the blank page or a developer who can fix it right away, you can consider the options available on Fiverr 💡

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