Option 1 - Restore backup in an active hosting account

Backups can be restored by navigating to Websites → Manage, searching for Backups on the sidebar and clicking on it:

Once there, you will be presented with all the types of backups (files or databases) that were made. You can find instructions for all cases as follows:

Restore all websites

To restore all the websites on your account, select a preferred date and click on Next step:

You will see a list of all of the folders corresponding to each domain on your account, which corresponds with the content of the /domains folder of your account on the backup date.

Select everything and click on Restore files:


  • The date of the folder is for when it was created. The content itself is the latest version up to the selected backup date.

The file restoration process will be initiated and it will take some time depending on the size of the backup. Once you've restored your files, make sure to restore your databases as well if needed, from the same date as the files backup.

Restore specific websites, subdomains, files or directories

If you need to perform only a partial restoration, you can easily do that by selecting only the files or directories you want to be restored.

To restore only one domain and its subdomains, select it and click Restore files:

To restore a directory or a subdomain, click on the website name to open its content and click on public_html:

Select the desired directory and click on Restore files:


  • The default directory for your subdomain is named after the subdomain. If you chose a custom name when creating the subdomain, you will see that name instead.

If the partial restoration includes a full website (either from a domain or subdomain), make sure to go restore your databases as well if needed, from the same date as the files backup.

Restore specific files

To restore specific files, click on the website name to open its content, click on public_html, select the desired files and click on Restore files:


  • Only files and full directories from public_html can be restored using this method. To restore files from a subfolder, download the backup and upload the desired files via FTP

Restore databases

To restore a database, select Database backups:

Select the preferred database from the list and click on Show databases:

Specify a date and click on Restore database:

Please note that the database must exist in your List of Current MySQL Databases before restoring it. If you encounter this error:

Simply create again the database with the same name and retry the restoration.

Done, your site has been successfully restored! To see the changes, you may need to clear the browser cache and local DNS cache.

Option 2 - Restore to a new hosting account

In case you wish to restore a backup to a different hosting account, check this article: How to restore a backup on a new hPanel hosting account


  • After any restoration, your website or files will be brought back to the state they were at the moment of backup creation. All the changes done after the backup date will be reverted

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