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Missing or Outdated Scripts on Auto Installer
Missing or Outdated Scripts on Auto Installer

Changing the available CMS in hPanel's Auto Installer at Hostinger

Updated over a week ago

While Auto Installer allows you to install a wide range of CMS with just a few clicks, sometimes you may find that the application you are looking for is missing or the version is lower than the latest available.

Please note that some scripts have system or permission requirements that exceed those of shared and Cloud hosting plans. In that case, they are not included on the Auto installer list. If you definitely need such a script, you can consider a VPS plan.

In case you have checked that your hosting plan meets all the application requirements and permissions, you can install it at any time via SSH 😊

If you find an outdated version of a CMS or script on the list, be assured that it will be updated over time. While this change is applied, you can simply install the available version using the Auto installer and update manually by following the application's official documentation.

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