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How to install WordPress using Auto Installer
How to install WordPress using Auto Installer
Setting up a WordPress website using Auto Installer at Hostinger
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Setting up WordPress with Auto Installer is a quick and easy process. It won’t take more than a few minutes to have a running WordPress site:

Step 1 - Open Auto Installer

On your panel, go to WebsitesManage:

In the left sidebar, search for Auto Installer, and click on it:

Once there, select WordPress:

Step 2 - Insert the installation details

Fill in all the required details:

In case you want to specify a custom subdirectory or use an existing database, choose Advanced and fill in the information:

There you can also choose to install WordPress on a subdomain:

Once that's done, click on Next, select application version, language, update settings, and click on Install:

That's it! If you don’t see any changes on your website after the successful installation and your domain is pointing to Hostinger, make sure to clear the browser cache.

Step 3 - Access WordPress Dashboard

Once installation is complete, you will be able to manage your WordPress website via the WordPress Dashboard section:

Manage your WordPress installation

To manage the installation itself, you will be presented with these buttons in the Auto Installer:

  1. Accessing the WordPress dashboard

  2. Seeing the details of your website - URL, database name, admin username and email

  3. Deleting your website

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