Setting up WordPress with Auto Installer is a quick and easy process. It won’t take more than a few minutes to have a running WordPress site:

STEP 1 - Open Auto Installer

Login into your hosting account and at the top menu select Hosting. Then click Manage next to the domain:

Go to the Website section and choose Auto Installer:

Select the WordPress option from the menu:

STEP 2 - Insert the installation details

Fill all the required details:

  • Domain: choose the connection type between http:// and https:// and the domain or subdomain under which your WordPress will be installed. You can choose a subfolder for installation too;

  • Overwrite Existing Files check will delete all the files in the installation directory.

STEP 3 - Install

Press the Install button and give some time until your installation is finished.

Once the installation is done, your website will appear in the list, where you can choose the actions.

  1. Accessing the admin dashboard;

  2. Seeing the details of your website;

  3. Deleting your website:


  • If you don’t see any changes on your website after the successful installation, it might be due to the cache.

  • Check our collection of WordPress tutorials here: Hostinger Tutorials.

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