Setting up WordPress on Hostinger WP hosting with Auto Installer is a quick and easy process. It won’t take more than a few minutes to have a running WordPress site:

  1. Login into your hosting account and at the top menu select Hosting. Then click Manage next to the domain

2. Go to Website section and choose Auto Installer

3. Select the WordPress option from the menu

4. And fill all the required details

  • Domain: choose the connection type between http:// and https://. Then - the domain name under which your WordPress will be installed. The last section is recommended and left empty by default in order for your website to be installed in the default public_html folder. However if you want to install it into sub-folder that’s the place where you write your sub-folder name.
  • Administrator Username
  • Administrator Password
  • Administrator Email
  • Website Title
  • Application Updates ( These options are not forced to be chosen, however we would highly recommend choosing “Always update to latest available version” as WordPress is being secured, optimized and improved on daily bases. These updates will improve your website speed and security )

5. Lastly - Press Install button and give some time until your installation is finished. You will see the following image with a small icon in the middle loading.

6. Once it's done, on the top-right corner you will see the confirmation message:

7. Installation is done, your website will appear in the list, where you can choose the Actions of : accessing the admin page, seeing the details of your website or deleting your website:

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