You can easily install applications automatically with the help of our Auto Installer. This feature allows you to install any of the available CMS on your hPanel account automatically, for example, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many others 😊

Step 1 - Open Auto Installer

Installing applications automatically is as easy as opening your Hosting → Manage:

And scrolling down to the Auto Installer section:

Step 2 - Choose an application to install

In Auto Installer, you can either use the search box to look for a specific application like WordPress or choose from all the available applications on the same page:

Step 3 - Insert the installation details

Fill in all the required details:

In case you want to specify a custom subdirectory or use an existing database, choose Advanced and fill in the details:

Once that's done, click on Next, select application version, language, update settings, and click on Install:

To manage the installation itself, you will be presented with these buttons on the Auto Installer section:

  1. Accessing your Content Management System admin dashboard

  2. Seeing the details of your website

  3. Deleting your website


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