WHOIS Privacy Protection

Hiding the domain owner contact details on WHOIS database

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Take your confidentiality to the next level by enabling WHOIS privacy protection for your domains. This feature makes sure your contact details are masked and safe. The best part is that this service is included for free with your domain purchase at Hostinger for all supported TLDs!

When purchasing a new domain at Hostinger, the free domain privacy feature is automatically added to the cart.

To enable privacy protection for your Hostinger domain manually, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Domains section of hPanel

  2. Under My domains, find the domain name in question, and click on Manage next to it

  3. In the Domain Overview section, toggle the button next to Protect your privacy to enable the feature:

The WHOIS Privacy feature in the domain management area at Hostinger

To learn more about it, please refer here: What is Domain Privacy Protection and How to Enable It 💡

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