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How to Purchase a Domain Name
How to Purchase a Domain Name

Registering a domain name at Hostinger

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Looking for the ideal domain name for your project? Go to the Domain Checker, enter your desired domain name, and click on Search. You will be able to buy the domain right away, if it is available, by adding it to the cart:

The results of Domain checker tool showing an available domain name and how to purchase it

You will also be presented with more options of domain extensions, also known as TLDs, that you can register in order to boost your brand:

The More options section on Domain checker with additional TLD available for purchase

Select all the domains you want to purchase and add them to the cart, where you'll also find the domain renewal price and be able to select the renewal period. If supported, domain privacy protection will be included for free as well!

What to Do if the Domain Name Is Not Available

If your chosen domain name is short or uses common terms, chances are it may be already taken by someone else – therefore, unavailable for purchase:

The Domain Checker notification that a domain is taken

In that case, you can choose a different TLD. Scroll down to find more options and select Add to Cart next to your preferred alternative to proceed with domain registration.


  • Some TLDs may not be available for purchase – you can still register the domain name using a different TLD

  • Purchase of premium domains is not supported

How to Use the Domain with Your Website

Step 1 — Register Your Domain

It is recommended to register your domain as soon as possible after purchase since the domain is still available until registration is completed. You will find the option to set up the domain order on the Home page of your Hostinger account:

The setup button to register a domain

If you have purchased domains before, you will be presented with the option to apply the contact details previously used. Otherwise, enter the type of registration – personal or organization – and the required contact information. When all is good to go, click on Finish registration.

In case you encounter an error during or right after the registration process, navigate to the Domains section of hPanel, locate your domain, and click on the Retry button next to it:

The Retry registration button

After successfully registering your domain, make sure to verify it as well 💡

Step 2 — Connect the Domain to Your Website

In case you are planning to create a website, the domain name is one part of what you need – the other is a hosting plan for your website's files. Alternatively, you can opt for a dedicated website builder.

Though we suggest you get a hosting plan along with your new domain name, you can still purchase the domain only. Domains purchased at Hostinger can be used with any hosting service of your choice. You can point your Hostinger domain to external services as soon as it is set up.

After you specify new DNS records for your domain, DNS propagation starts, which may last up to 24 hours. Once your domain is pointed elsewhere by nameservers, its DNS zone is also automatically moved to the provider you pointed the domain to and should be managed from there.

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