Let's say your domain is and you want to install a message board. Now, you can either put it in a directory called or create a subdomain for it and access your message board either via or This feature costs you nothing 😊

Be sure to check this article on how to create a subdomain.

Parked Domain

Say that you have two domains and If you want them both to show the same website, parking a domain allows you to do just that! 😊

Afterward, when someone types either or, both links show to the same page of your website. Just note that you need to purchase additional domains.

Check this article on how to park a domain.

Add-On Domains

Let's again say that you have two domains and, only this time you want the two domains to be totally independent websites managed via the same hosting account. That is where the Add Website feature comes in handy, just note that you also need to purchase additional add-on domains.

You can follow this article on how to create an add-on domain.

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