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A domain is a unique address of a website, such as google.com, facebook.com, etc. A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain that can be used to create separate websites or sections within a larger website. It appears before the main domain in a URL and is separated by a period. For example, blog.example.com is a subdomain of example.com.

Both domains and subdomains can be connected to a website created with Hostinger Website Builder.

Firstly, create a subdomain as a DNS record. Go to your domain's DNS zone, and create a CNAME record that would point to connect.hostinger.com:

  • DNS record type: CNAME

  • Name: your subdomain's name; e.g., for shop.domain.tld, you need to input shop

  • Target: connect.hostinger.com

Now, connect it to your website:

1. In hPanel, go to Websites, and click Create or migrate a website:

2. Click Create a new websiteSelect Hostinger Builder.

3. Select Use an Existing Domain, insert your subdomain, and click Continue:

4. Click Continue again, and you'll be asked to select a website template. Select the preferred one, and you'll be taken to the website editor. Customize the website according to your preferences, and, once you're ready, go live!

After publishing your website, give your subdomain some time, and your website will be up and running 🚀


  • It's impossible to connect both a domain and a subdomain to the same website, as it can only have one address

  • If domain.com is already connected to your website, to connect subdomain.domain.com, you'll need to create a new (additional) site using Hostinger Website Builder

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