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How to Connect a Subdomain to Hostinger Website Builder
How to Connect a Subdomain to Hostinger Website Builder

Learn how to publish your website using a subdomain

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A domain is a unique address of a website, for example, A subdomain is a subdivision of a domain that can be used to create different websites or sections within a larger website. It appears before the main domain in a URL and is separated by a period. For instance, would be a subdomain of

Both domains and subdomains can be connected to a website created with Hostinger Website Builder. It's important to note that Hostinger Website Builder websites don't use an IP but a CNAME record for connecting a domain to a website. For this reason, a domain or subdomain pointing to Hostinger Website Builder should not include any A records, as they would conflict with the CNAME record and prevent your website from working.

With that in mind, follow the steps below to connect your subdomain 👇

Step 1 – Create a Subdomain as a CNAME Record

Go to your domain's DNS zone and create a CNAME record using the following values:

  • Name: your subdomain's name; e.g., for shop.domain.tld, input shop

  • Target:

  • TTL: use the default value

If your domain's DNS zone is at Hostinger, creating the CNAME record would look similar to this:

Creating a subdomain as a CNAME record

Step 2 – Create Your Website

  1. On hPanel, go to the Websites section and click on Add website:

  2. Select Hostinger Website Builder from the dropdown list

  3. Create your website and go live once you're ready

Step 3 - Connect the Subdomain

  1. Navigate to the Websites section of your hPanel and click on Connect domain:

  2. Select Use an Existing Domain:

  3. On the next page, enter your subdomain and click on Continue

After connecting your website, give your subdomain a few hours for DNS propagation to complete, and your website will be up and running 🚀


  • Websites created using Hostinger Website Builder can only have one address at a time - it's not possible to connect both a domain and a subdomain to the same website

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