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How to set up an automatic reply for Hostinger Email
How to set up an automatic reply for Hostinger Email
Creating auto-responders on Hostinger Email
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To create an automatic responder for your emails, open the Emails → domain name page and scroll down to the Manage Email Accounts section.

Once there, click on the Options () button in front of the email account in question:

And choose Create Automatic Reply:

In the next section, you can set up automatic responses to your emails, select the specific time for when the automatic response should activate, and when the email should stop sending the automatic responses:

Please note that autoresponders cannot be created for these email accounts:

  • bounce@

  • do-not-reply@

  • facebook@

  • linkedin@

  • list-@

  • myspace@

  • twitter@

  • donotreply@

  • noreply@

  • postmaster@

  • webmaster@

  • administrator@

  • support@

  • mailer@

  • bounce@

  • owner@

You will also be able to see and manage all the autoresponders in the Automatic Reply section:

That's it! All the messages sent to the email address you specified will receive the scheduled automatic reply.

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