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How to Set Up an Automatic Reply for Hostinger Email
How to Set Up an Automatic Reply for Hostinger Email

Creating auto-responders on Hostinger Email

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An automatic reply is a feature that sends pre-written responses to all incoming email messages. You can use it, for example, to acknowledge receipt of an email or to provide a fast reply while you are away.

How to Create an Automatic Reply

To create an automatic responder for your emails, navigate to the Emails section of hPanel and click on Manage next to the domain or subdomain. Next, select Automatic Reply on the left sidebar and click on Create an automatic reply:

The Automatic Reply section showing how to start the process to create an autoresponder

In the next section, set up the automatic message by filling in the following fields:

  1. Select the email address from the dropdown list to apply the autoresponder

  2. Compose a message subject for the automatic replies

  3. Define a start and end date for when the automatic response should activate and stop sending. Alternatively, you can choose to start right away, as well as set it up indefinitely by selecting Never end

  4. Compose the message that will be sent automatically. You can use rich or plain text

Avoid using emoji in the subject or message, as they are not supported - the automatic reply will not be saved.

When all is good to go, click on Create. Once the automatic reply is set up, all the messages sent to the email address you specified will receive the automatic message within the scheduled timeframe.


In order to preserve your email reputation, autoresponders cannot be created for mailboxes with the following usernames, eg. administrator@domain.tld:

  • administrator

  • bounce

  • do-not-reply

  • donotreply

  • facebook

  • linkedin

  • list-

  • mailer

  • myspace

  • noreply

  • owner

  • postmaster

  • support

  • twitter

  • webmaster

How to Manage Automatic Replies

In the Automatic Reply section, navigate to Manage Automatic Replies and click on the options ( ⋮ ) button:

The options to manage existing autoresponders

To modify the message, subject or dates, select Edit, make the desired updates and click on Save to apply the changes.

To remove the automatic reply, click on Delete. After deletion, automatic replies will no longer be sent after receiving new messages. If needed, you can re-create a deleted autoresponder at any time.

That's it! Now you know how to create and manage automatic replies for Hostinger Email 📫

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