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Before setting up your forwarder

At Hostinger, we provide several types of emails. If your Emails section looks this way:

You are using Titan Email. In that case, you can follow this guide: How to set up an internal forwarder for Titan Email?

If instead of the Titan logo you see an envelope (✉️), you are using Hostinger Email.

What kind of email forwarders can be created?

There are two types of forwarders that can be created with this feature:

  • Internal forwarders - From a Hostinger Email account to another Hostinger Email account (both domains' MX records should be pointing to Hostinger)

  • External forwarders - From a Hostinger Email account to en external email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. or to a domain that isn't hosted at Hostinger and is not pointing to Hostinger MX records.

If you wish to forward emails from your Hostinger Email account to a domain hosted at Hostinger that is using different MX records (eg. Google Workspace), you can do so by creating a filter using Webmail instead.

How to create email forwarders?

To create forwarders for your emails, open the Emails → domain name → Forwarders page and click on Create a forwarder:

In the opened window, choose the mailbox from which emails will be forwarded, and insert the email address to which these messages will be sent. By default, a copy of emails is sent to the original recipient’s email account, you can change that setting as well. Once done, click Create:

After the forwarder is created, you will need to verify it by clicking on the verification link that was sent to the email account you specified in the To email address section:

How to manage email forwarders?

You will see all already created forwarders in the Manage Your Forwarders section. If some email addresses have several forwarders set up, you will see them all grouped under the donward arrow:

To manage an existing forwarder, just click on the ⋮ button in front of the original email account:

If you want to stop saving copies or start having them, just open Settings, change the toggle's status, and save changes:


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