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How to Set Up a Forwarder for Hostinger Email
How to Set Up a Forwarder for Hostinger Email

Creating email forwarders for Hostinger Email

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If you are using Hostinger Email, you can create two different types of forwarders:

  • Internal forwarders - From one Hostinger Email account to another Hostinger Email account. For an internal forwarder to work properly, the MX records of both the origin and destination domains must point to Hostinger

  • External forwarders - From a Hostinger Email account to en external email service such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. or to a domain that isn't hosted at Hostinger and is not pointing to Hostinger MX records.

If you wish to forward emails from your Hostinger Email account to a domain hosted at Hostinger that is using different MX records (eg. Google Workspace), you can do so by creating a filter using Webmail instead.

How to Create Email Forwarders

Navigate to the Emails section of hPanel and click on Manage next to the domain or subdomain. Next, select Forwarders on the left sidebar and click on Create a forwarder:

The Forwarders section showing how to start the process to create a forwarder

In the window that will pop up, select the mailbox from which messages will be forwarded on the dropdown list. Next, insert the email address to which these messages will be sent.

To keep a duplicate of the messages on the original account, leave the Save copies of forwarded emails toggle on. Otherwise, click on it to disable it - all the messages will be automatically deleted from the original account after being forwarded.

When all is good to go, click on Create:

The required parameters to create a new forwarder

To complete the setup process, confirm the forwarder by logging into the destination email address and clicking on the verification link sent to it.

How to Manage Email Forwarders

In the Forwarders section, navigate to Manage Your Forwarders and click on the options button ( ⋮ ) next to the forwarder:

The options to manage existing email forwarders

To start or stop saving message copies, select Edit Settings, change the toggle's status, and click on Save to apply the changes.

To remove the forwarder, click on Delete. After deletion, your emails will stop being forwarded. If needed, you can re-create a deleted forwarder at any time.

That's it! Now you know how to create and manage forwarders for Hostinger Email 📫

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