If you have forgotten your account password and you are not able to login to your account, make sure to use Forgot password option. 


  • you can request a password reset email once an hour;
  • password reset email might be delayed by your mail provider;
  • always use the latest password reset email that was sent to you!

Or simply use this URL address:


Based on where you purchased your hosting, the URL will differ: hostinger.in/forgot-password for Hostinger India, hostinger.com/forgot-password for Hostinger Global, hostinger.com.br/forgot-password for Hostinger Brasil, hostinger.es/forgot-password for Hostinger Spain, and so on.

If you were using Social login, such as Google, Facebook or Github, to access your account - Forgot password option won't work - since you are using your Social account details to connect to your profile. 

In case you forgot your social login credentials, make sure to contact Support of a social platform (Google, Facebook or Github) to recover your account.

NOTE: If you are not using social login and you lost access to email account that is connected to your Hostinger account - follow the procedure here.

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