Each hosting plan here at Hostinger has a set amount of resources provided for it. The resources determine how well a hosting plan performs under load. You might have noticed the “Your websites could experience slower performance” message while checking your order usage:

This article will go through the most important resources, and how reaching their limit affects your website:


When you reach the maximum threshold for available CPU, your website starts working slower and schedules requests from your visitors instead of serving them instantly. There will be no error messages generated, but the website will feel sluggish.

Consider and review your website's busy times (peak hours), and make sure your CPU stays below 80% then. This will guarantee that all visitors have the best possible experience. Usually, high CPU usage is caused by the poorly optimized code of the website. This can be addressed by:

  • Revising your code

  • Reducing the number of plugins you use

  • Minimizing the number of cronjobs running

  • Enabling caching on your website (in case you are using WordPress - we highly recommend LiteSpeed Cache)

If all of these things are already addressed, and you are still seeing poor performance - it’s a clear indication that your current package simply cannot keep up with all concurrent visitors. In this case, upgrading your package is highly recommended.

Input/Output (I/O)

Disk I/O, or disk throughput is a limit on how fast data can be written/read. This limit is crucial when measuring disk performance. When you reach the maximum threshold for available I/O, your website starts working slower, similar to when the CPU threshold is reached. For this reason, the same solutions mentioned above apply when addressing high I/O usage.

RAM and Processes

When you reach the concurrent process limit or RAM limit, your website visitors might get an error page (it will display a “503 - Resource limit reached” message).

It is critical to ensure you never reach these limits. Even if you reach the processes or RAM limit 10-20 times during the course of a month, it is a very strong indication that your website needs a larger pool of resources to handle all concurrent visitors. We recommend minimizing the number of processes and if the issues persist - upgrading the package as soon as possible to ensure the best uptime for your website.


  • For a temporary increase in resources, you can try boosting your account

  • It might happen that you reach the limits on the highest tier hosting (Cloud Enterprise). In that case, please contact us via chat, and we will offer you a suitable VPS plan

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