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How to Extract Archives Using the File Manager
How to Extract Archives Using the File Manager

Extracting compressed files with File Manager at Hostinger

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Hostinger's file manager allows extracting archives in just a few clicks!

The supported formats for archive extraction using this feature are zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.xz, tar.lz4, and


To extract an archive, go to go to WebsitesManage, search for File Manager on the sidebar, and click on it:

The hPanel sidebar showing to select File Manager

Find the archive file, right-click on it, and choose Extract:

The context menu on an archive file showing how to extract

You will be presented with the following options:

The Extract archive options: choose folder name, select destination and overwrite existing files
  • Choose folder name - if the entered folder does not exist, it will be created

  • Select the destination - you can use these options to pick a different location for your unarchived files. Double-click on .. to go to the parent directory

  • Currently navigating on - shows the path for folders on the Select the destination area

  • Overwrite existing files - mark the checkbox to overwrite existing files

Once all is good to go, click on Extract to start the process.

After the extraction is completed, the File Manager will reload - you can now navigate to the folder you specified to see the content:

The new folder resulted from extracting the archive

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