Is Symlink Function Enabled?

Creating symbolic links via SSH

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A symlink or symbolic link works as a shortcut to an existing directory or file on your File Manager. They can be useful for easier access to files in different locations inside your account.

If you wish to create a symlink, follow these steps:

1. Access your account via SSH connection. You can use PuTTY, PenguiNet or any other SSH terminal

2. Type in the command: ln -s original_file.php symlink_file.php

Make sure to replace original_file.php with the full path of the file you want to create the shortcut for, and symlink_file.php with the name of the symlink file:

Once created, you can verify it on the terminal using the ls command.

3. That's it! Your symlink is ready to use as a shortcut in your File Manager, on the location you created it:

Double-clicking on it will lead you to the destination path 😊


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