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Are MySQL Heap Tables Supported at Hostinger?
Are MySQL Heap Tables Supported at Hostinger?

MySQL heap tables on shared hosting packages

Updated over a week ago

In MySQL, a heap table, also known as a MEMORY table, is a type of table that is stored entirely in memory, as opposed to being stored on disk like regular tables, making them faster for reading/writing actions.

MySQL heap tables are fully supported on all our Web and Cloud hosting plans! A few considerations when using heap tables:

  • Volatility - data in heap tables is lost when the MySQL server restarts or when the table is dropped

  • Indexing options are limited compared to disk-based tables

  • Locking - heap tables use table-level locking, which can impact concurrent access when multiple clients are trying to access the table simultaneously

  • Size Limitations - Heap tables are limited by the available memory of your hosting plan. If your data exceeds the available memory, it might lead to performance issues or cause the server to run out of memory

If want to have full control over the tmp_table_size and max_heap_table_size variables in MySQL, you can consider a VPS Hosting plan 💡

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