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Can Proxy Websites Be Hosted at Hostinger?
Can Proxy Websites Be Hosted at Hostinger?

Hosting Proxy websites or running proxy scripts at Hostinger

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A proxy website acts as an intermediary between a user and the internet, forwarding the request to the actual destination server. The response from the destination server is sent back to the proxy server and then relayed to the user.

Proxy sites can be useful in some cases, such as to enhance privacy and anonymity, as well as improve security.

For reasons of security and required user permissions, hosting proxy sites is not supported on Web and Cloud hosting plans. Running a proxy website or proxy scripts require intensive resources and, most importantly, custom webserver configurations, which can only be performed on a virtual private server (VPS).

In a VPS environment, you have dedicated resources, ensuring your proxy site runs smoothly, along with full control over server configurations. So if you're interested in hosting a proxy website, feel free to explore our VPS plans 🚀

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