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Is Windows Hosting Available at Hostinger?
Is Windows Hosting Available at Hostinger?

Can Windows be installed on Hostinger VPS?

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When it comes to Virtual Private Servers (VPS) operating system templates, there are typically two main options: Windows-based and Linux-based. These are the foundation for the VPS environment and define the software compatibility and available functionalities.

While both are great solutions, Linux provides stability and security advantages, in addition to being more cost-effective, since it has a broader range of open-source applications available.

At Hostinger, we offer only Linux-based operating system templates for VPS and, therefore, do not provide Windows VPS. This means that any software you’d like to install in your VPS should be supported on Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian, etc.

While you cannot install Windows on Hostinger VPS, Ubuntu with Desktop is a good alternative for a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) compatible experience. You can find a comprehensive list of operating systems and templates, some of them with useful pre-installed applications here: What Are the Available Operating Systems for VPS?

Linux-based VPS provide a robust, cost-effective, and versatile environment that can suit a wide range of web hosting needs. And with our 30-day full refund guarantee, you can order a Linux VPS hosting plan and test it out stress-free 😊

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