Access Manager provides you with the ability to grant access to your account to another person, for example, developer! Alternatively, you can use the Access Manager to request access from another person.

Opening Access Manager is as easy as navigating to your Profile and clicking on Access Manager:

In the newly opened window, you will notice two sections - Grant Access (allows you to grant access to someone) and Request Access (allows you to request access from someone).

There are two Access Level options:

  • Manage services - a person with the granted access will be able to make changes to your account, such as modify your VPS, shared hosting FTP files, website, add subdomains/parked/add-on domains and change other settings in your hosting control panel.
  • Manage services and make purchases using stored payment method - a person with the granted access will be able to make the above changes AND, as an addition, purchase new hosting accounts/domains with the already added payment method.

In People who can access my account section you will see email addresses of all people whom you granted access:

Also, you will see the yellow lock icon near your avatar at the top of the Member area window once you grant your access to someone:

NOTES: What you cannot do in the managed account (if you take control of the account, e.g. as a developer):

  • Manage or add payment methods to managed accounts.
  • Invite others to access the account.
  • View or change profile information (for example change email, name, phone, address).
  • Do the following tasks with domains: transfer or unlock domains, change contact info, manage auto-renew, sell domains in the aftermarket, respond to a domain buy service, or manage backorders.
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