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How to Add Clients and Manage Their Services
How to Add Clients and Manage Their Services

Using the access sharing feature to add clients and manage their services in hPanel

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At Hostinger, you can streamline your client management with our user-friendly interface. Effortlessly add and manage clients, keeping all their service details organized in one central dashboard.

Here are some key benefits of manging your clients from one single dashboard:

  1. Effortless client onboarding - Quickly add clients to your account with just a few clicks, simplifying the onboarding journey for both you and your clients.

  2. Centralized service management - Gain complete oversight of your clients' services in one place. Save valuable time and simplify your workflow.

  3. Improved efficiency - Access valuable insights and analytics to make informed decisions and tailor your offerings to better meet your clients' evolving needs.

Adding New Clients

  1. Use either of the following methods to add a new client from the Home section of hPanel:

    1. Click on Account Sharing:

      The account sharing feature in Hostinger

    2. Or, if this option is not available on your hPanel, click on the profile icon in the top right, and select Account Sharing:

    How to reach the Account Activity to check the login history at Hostinger

  2. You will be redirected to the Account Sharing page. Here, click on Request access:

  3. Enter the email address of the account you wish to request access to, select the access level and, when all is good to go, click on Send Email.

An email to the requested account to grant access will be sent for verification.

Once your client grants access, the requested account's email address will appear in the Account Sharing section of your Hostinger account:

The table of different access to your clients accounts and services

And that's it! You have successfully added a new client under your own account.

Managing Websites

The Websites section offers a new and improved view to manage your and your clients' websites efficiently. The main functionalities are as follows:

Overview Tab

The Overview tab helps you with the below functionalities:

Here, you can find:

  • The option to Add or migrate a website to your or your client's hosting plan.

  • The titles of websites and hosting plans.

  • The My website label for the websites hosted under your own hosting plan.

  • The performance score for WordPress websites.

  • Quick jumps:

    • To the WordPress admin panel.

    • To the hosting management area.

    • To edit Hostinger Website Builder websites.

  • Client reports.

  • The option to delete a website.

WordPress Updates Tab

The WordPress updates tab helps you with the below functionalities:

The WordPress updates tab in the Websites section at Hostinger

Here, you'll have access to:

  • The list of all WordPress websites that require plugins/theme updates or have any vulnerabilities.

  • The number of total plugins, themes, and vulnerabilities for each WordPress website.

  • Use bulk actions to update plugins, themes, or the core WordPress version.

Show Websites Filter

This feature allows you to filter the view based on whether you want to list all websites, only your websites, or only your clients' websites:

The Show websites filter in the Websites section at Hostinger

Managing Domains

In the Domains section of hPanel, you can manage your and your clients' domains:

The Domains section in Hostinger

You can also perform the following bulk actions on your clients' domains:

  • Update WHOIS privacy protection.

  • Change nameservers.

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