How to Activate Daily Backups

Enabling daily backups at Hostinger for Single, Premium and VPS plans

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At Hostinger, we provide weekly backups for all of our hosting plans, as well as daily backups for Web Business and greater hosting plans!

If you have a Web Single or Premium plan, and want to have daily backups, you can easily purchase this feature – go to Websites Manage, search for Backups on the sidebar, and click on it:

The Backups menu option

Next, click on the Add Daily Backups button:

The Add daily backups button to purchase the service

Then, select the duration, payment method, and that's it! Your hosting plan will start generating daily backups.

Daily backups are created and stored for the last 7 days. After that time, they are automatically deleted.


Daily Backups for VPS

To activate daily backups for a VPS, go to the VPS section of your Members Area, choose the server in question, and click on Snapshots & Backups in the left sidebar.

Once there, go to Daily Backups and click on Upgrade:

The Upgrade backups for VPS

Select the duration and payment method, and you're all set! Your VPS will now begin storing daily backups.

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