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How to Download Backups at Hostinger
How to Download Backups at Hostinger
Downloading your website backups at Hostinger
Updated over a week ago

You can easily download a copy of all of your Files and databases by opening Websites → Manage, searching for Backups on the sidebar and clicking on it:

For files, select Files backups:

Specify a preferred date and click on Next step:

Next, click on Download all files:

Give it a few minutes and the link will be ready, just click on Download backup:

That's it! The downloaded archive will contain all of your account's files 😊

A similar process applies when downloading generated Databases. Click on Database backups, select your preferred database from the list and the date, then click on Download:


  • Keep in mind that the bigger backup you are preparing, the more time it will take to be ready

  • If the download button doesn't work for you, try right-clicking on it and opening it in a new tab

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