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Where to Find Hostinger Nameservers
Where to Find Hostinger Nameservers

Locating the default hPanel and cPanel nameservers on Hostinger

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For your domain to be properly connected to your hosting plan at Hostinger, the domain must be pointed to Hostinger nameservers.

If you have a virtual private server hosting plan, refer here: How to Point a Domain to VPS 💡

Hostinger nameservers are as follows:



You can double-check this information in the Members AreaHosting / Websites ManagePlan Details:

Nameservers visible in hPanel

It is enough to set only the nameservers values if your domain provider does not require the IP addresses.


  • After updating nameservers, DNS propagation will start and go on for up to 24 hours; during this time, it's expected that your website won't work

  • Domain nameservers can only be updated on the domain provider's website, i.e. the place you purchased the domain from

    • For example, if you've bought a domain from Hostinger, the nameservers are updated via the Hostinger dashboard, and if you've bought a domain from Cloudflare, the nameservers are updated via the Cloudflare dashboard

  • If your domain provider doesn’t allow changing nameservers, you can point your domain to Hotstinger by creating an A record instead

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