If you want your domain to work with your hosting plan at Hostinger, you have to change the domain's nameservers and add a domain to your hosting plan.

STEP 1 - Change domain nameservers

Hostinger nameservers are:

  • ns1.dns-parking.com
  • ns2.dns-parking.com

Open the domain management page at your domain name’s registrar. You need to set Hostinger’s nameservers (recommenced) or A record to point the domain to our servers.

STEP 2 - Add domain to your hosting plan

The next step is to add the domain to your hosting plan. You can do this by:

Or Hosting → Manage → Add Website:

  • Alternatively, you can park your domain to the already hosted domain at Hostinger.

Make sure to check our article about the differences between Subdomain, Parked Domain, and Add-on Domain.


  • Your website might be unreachable during the DNS changes propagation time, which can take up to 24 hours.
  • Feel free to check the article on how to transfer the domain to Hostinger.
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