Why is my account empty?
Solving possible issues when your Hostinger account appears as empty
Updated over a week ago

If you purchased some of our services, and you are not able to find any orders - don't worry! It's possible that you logged in to a different Hostinger page than you originally registered to and bought your orders at.

To sort this out:

  • Try remembering if you have used any other emails or social logins (logged in using Google account, Facebook, etc)

  • Check your email inbox for emails received from Hostinger: each email will contain a link to a correct Hostinger locale

  • Make sure to check TLD of Hostinger website (hostinger.com, hostinger.in, hostinger.fr) that you are trying to log in to - it has to match the one that is redirecting you from our e-mail

Also, if you have made your first payment just recently, the payment might be delayed. Based on the payment method used, it might take up to 24 hours for the payment to reach us.

If you have deleted your account previously:

  • While deactivating your hosting account, and now hosting order does not exist - please contact our Customer Success team

  • While requesting data deletion according to GDPR, write an email to gdpr@hostinger.com and the dedicated team will investigate, if it is possible to restore your account

If none of the mentioned options suits, and you still can’t locate your account, please contact our Customer Success team, and we will find your account in no-time 😊

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