If you had a VPS at another provider, and wish to migrate its data to your new VPS at Hostinger, it can easily be done by our team.

What are the requirements for the old server?

We can transfer your VPS to Hostinger if the following requirements for the old server are met:

  • Your VPS is Linux-based

  • rsync is installed (it is usually installed by default)

  • SSH port should be allowed in your VPS firewall for public access

  • Stop all running services in order to avoid errors during transfer

If you have difficulties with any of the mentioned requirements, it would be better to contact your developer or an old provider for help.

What should be at Hostinger?

The only thing that you need at Hostinger is an active VPS order.

Keep in mind, that:

  • Resources, provided by the VPS at Hostinger, should be sufficient for your server. For example, if your server used up to 2 GB RAM before, it's recommended to choose plans with 2 or more GB of RAM

  • Your VPS at Hostinger will be completely overwritten during the transfer, so refrain from uploading any important data

How to initiate the transfer?

To initiate a transfer, get in touch with our Customer Success team and provide us with your old VPS SSH details 😊

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