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How to Redirect a Domain Without a Hosting Plan
How to Redirect a Domain Without a Hosting Plan

Redirecting a domain to another one without a hosting plan

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If you have a hosting plan, you can easily create redirects from hPanel. In case you have purchased a domain name only, you can set up a redirect without a hosting plan by following this guide:

Go to the Domains section of your panel and select your domain. On the domain overview page, scroll down and select Forward Domain:

Forward a domain from Hostinger hPanel

There, you will be able to create a redirect by filling in the following:

  1. Protocol — HTTP or HTTPS. The recommended option is HTTPS

  2. Website URL — enter the destination to where your domain will redirect; it can be a domain, subdomain, or URL

  3. Advanced options — here, you can choose to create a temporary or permanent redirect

The domain forwarding options on hPanel at Hostinger

Once everything is ready, click on Create. As soon as it is created, the redirect will appear at the bottom of the page, where you will also be able to remove it if needed:

How to remove domain forwarding on hPanel at Hostinger

That's it! Your domain will now redirect to the specified destination.

What Type of Redirect to Choose?

The main difference between the two types of redirection lies in their purpose and how search engines handle them:



Use case

301 — Permanent

Search engines will transfer the SEO value from the old page to the new one

A permanent change in the website name or due to a requirement from your hosting provider

302 — Temporary

Search engines do not transfer the SEO value to the new page

When a website is undergoing maintenance or for testing a new page


  • Forwarding the domain sets it to Hostinger default nameservers

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