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How to track your website's SEO progress using SEO Toolkit?
How to track your website's SEO progress using SEO Toolkit?
Obtaining ranking information for your website with SEO Toolkit
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This is the main page of SEO Toolkit, where you get a first look into your website’s SEO progress and know what actions you need to take to make it ranked even better!

To reach it, log in to your hPanel, and from the Home menu click on SEO → Manage:

In the next window, click the View button which leads to the SEO Toolkit dashboard - there you will find the SEO Plan main page. Here are the main features of this section:

  • Overall SEO score: The higher the score, the better your website is doing. The score is calculated with an algorithm that takes into consideration all aspects of your site that influence SEO, which shows a progress score that you can track over time

  • Download Monthly PDF Report: Useful for sharing with your marketing agency or website manager:

  • Site tasks: A list of issues that are currently affecting your SEO with useful links on how to resolve them:

  • Optimize your pages: A summarized view of the Optimize section

  • Your tracked keywords: A preview from the Analyze section

  • Backlinks: A graph for the month's links to your site from other domains:

  • As well as a shortcut to the Competition page on the toolkit

That's it! Now you can start optimizing your website to improve its ranking 😊

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