If you need to find a website's configuration file, but don't know where to look for it, this article should help you.

The configuration file can be found: 

  • WordPress public_html/wp-config.php 

  • Joomla public_html/configuration.php   

  • OpenCart public_html/config.php and public_html/admin/config.php

  • Prestashop public_htm/config/config.inc.php or settings.inc.php in old versions

  • PHPbb public_html/config.php 

  • Drupal public_htm/drupal/sites/default/settings.php 

  • Bitrix public_htm/bitrix/php_interface/dbconn.php and public_html/bitrix/.settings.php

  • Magento public_html/app/etc/config.php

  • Modx public_htm/manager/includes/config.inc.php 

  • Umi.CMS public_html/config.ini 

  • ImageCMS public_htm/application/config/database.php 

  • Simpla public_htm/config/config.php 

  • Piwigo public_htm/local/config/database.inc.php 

  • Shop-Script public_htm/wa-config/db.php 

  • HostCMS public_htm/modules/core/config/config.php 

  • CS-Cart public_html/config.local.php 

  • LiveStreet public_htm/config/config.local.php 

  • Datalife (Dle) public_htm/upload/engine/data/dbconfig.php 

  • IPB public_html/conf_global.php 

  • Net(Cat).CMS public_html/vars.inc.php 

  • Simple Machines Forum public_html/settings.php 

  • Dolphin public_htm/inc/header.inc.php 

  • CMS Made Simple public_html/config. php

  • InstantCMS public_htm/includes/config.inc.php 

  • Media Wiki public_html/localsettings.php 

  • Zen Cart public_html/includes/configure.php

Have not found your CMS in the list? Then kindly try to:

  1. Search for files with the names like config/conf/db

  2. Check if there are folders like engine/vendor/includes

  3. Refer to the forums dedicated to your CMS or to the developer

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