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How to Delete a Website From a Hosting Plan
How to Delete a Website From a Hosting Plan

Removing a website from a hosting plan at Hostinger

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You can easily delete a website, including its files, databases, and emails from your hosting plan 👇

Prepare Backups

Before you remove your website, it is strongly advised to download backups as this action is not reversible, and all files, databases, emails, and any configuration will be lost. You can find detailed instructions here:

Once you've made sure all the information you need is downloaded to your local device, proceed to the next step.

Delete the Website

Go to the Websites section of hPanel, locate the website you want to remove, and click on the ellipsis button (). Next, select Delete website:

You will get a pop-up indicating that all the data related to the domain, such as email accounts, files, and databases, will be deleted permanently:

Confirm the action by marking the checkbox and click on Delete. Your website will be removed from the hosting plan along with all its associated data.

If you are removing the main domain of your hosting plan, the next domain from your add-on list will be set automatically as the main domain 💡


  • If you can't find the delete option, it's likely that you've recently switched to the builder from another platform (e.g., went from WordPress to the builder). Once you do that, you have 14 days to restore the original website built on another platform. During that time, you can't delete the website. Instead, you may either:

    • Wait for the 14 days to be over, or

    • Click on Restore previous website, and you'll be able to delete the website right away

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