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One of the factors that can improve your page speed score is having properly sized images. For this reason, our hPanel and cPanel hosting plans support the following image optimization tools:

  • optipng - Compresses PNG files without loss of information

  • jpegoptim - Compresses JPEG files

  • jpegtran - Can perform different transformations on JPEG files, such as scaling

  • gifsicle - Manipulates GIF images

  • libwebp-tools - A set of tools for WEBP image format

You can use them to optimize your images through the use of plugins. If your plan is Shared Premium or greater, you can use them via SSH as well!

These utilities are enabled by default when opening an SSH session, so you will be able to use them right away 😊

In case you want to execute these commands over PHP, first, make sure to enable the shell_exec() function in the PHP configuration of your panel by following these steps: How to enable disabled PHP functions?


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