You can log in to your account with the details located in the SSH Access menu found in Advanced section of your account's hPanel :)

Use these details to connect to your account via different SSH clients: 

1. If you are using Linux, connect via Terminal by using this command line -

ssh SSH_Username@SSH_IP -p SSH_Port 

When you fill the appropriate details, the command line should look something like this - 

ssh u457749468@ -p 65002

After that, you'll be asked to insert your SSH password and you'll be logged in.

2. If you are using Windows, connect via recommended SSH client, like PuTTY. Feel free to check this tutorial on how you can do that.


  • The username and password are the same as for FTP, whereas the IP address is most likely different from that of FTP.
  • SSH Access must be enabled before use. 
  • SSH Access is only available if you are using our Premium or Business web hosting service. 
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