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How to Use LiteSpeed Crawler
How to Use LiteSpeed Crawler

Using the LiteSpeed Crawler on your WordPress website to make it load faster

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LiteSpeed Crawler is an integration of the LiteSpeed Cache plugin that can help speed up your website. The crawler goes through your website and updates the cached pages to reduce the waiting time for your visitors!

How Does it Work?

On a cached page without crawlers, visitors will do activities on the website, and the entire process will be stored on the server for a certain period of time until the cache appears again - this can take a fairly high bandwidth and higher loading times.

In contrast, the LiteSpeed cache crawler will readily know the running processes so that the page does not need to be stored on the server and will be minimized. Thus, the cache will only display the most recent appearance on a website.

The LiteSpeed Cache crawler contains several options that you will be able to manage from your WordPress administration panel. Just go to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin tab and click on Crawler - you will find the different tabs:

The LiteSpeed Cache Crawler tabs

How to Enable LiteSpeed Crawler

If you installed WordPress with the Auto installer, the LiteSpeed Cache plugin will be added automatically so that you can use it right away! In case you installed WordPress manually or migrated your website, make sure to install the LiteSpeed Cache plugin first.

Next, go to the LiteSpeed Cache plugin tab on your WordPress administration panel and click on Crawler:

Choose the General Settings tab and click on ON to enable the crawler:

Then, click on Save changes. The crawler will activate and start running on your website.

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