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How to set up PrestaShop with LiteSpeed cache?
How to set up PrestaShop with LiteSpeed cache?
Setting up PrestaShop with Hostinger’s LiteSpeed Cache
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After you have installed PrestaShop with the help of our Auto Installer, follow these steps to set up LiteSpeed Cache, so your website could go blazing fast:

STEP 1 - Install LiteSpeed cache

  • Download the LiteSpeed cache module and save it on your computer

  • Navigate to Modules → Module Catalog, click on Upload a module and select the zip file on your computer:

  • Once installation is complete, activate it by navigating to Configure and setting Enable LiteSpeed Cache to Yes:

STEP 2 - Set up LiteSpeed cache for maximum performance

Navigate to Advanced Parameters → Performance tab in your Prestashop Administration Area and check for these settings, leaving the current values in any other sections. Remember to save the changes:

  • Smarty - Never recompile template files and set Cache to No:

  • CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) - Enable all available options:

  • Caching - Set to No:

Optional - Set up a Content Delivery Network

After your caching is sorted out, you can think about enabling CDN. This way your PrestaShop website will have stored copies in the CDN servers around the world, which will make it load even faster.


  • If you also want to take advantage of the crawling capabilities of LiteSpeed Cache to refresh the pages that may have expired in the cache, you can use the LSCache Crawler Script. See how to use it in a shared hosting environment here: Enable LS Cache Crawler engine

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