What it is?

LiteSpeed Crawler is one of the new integrations of LiteSpeed Cache plugin which is useful to speed up your website. With the crawler, it will regularly update the cache and minimize the waiting time for your website visitors!

How does it work?

When visitors access a website, LS's cache crawler will work quickly to update the previous page that has expired. So your visitors will immediately get the latest look. It’s enabled for Cloud hosting plans at Hostinger.

On a cached page without crawlers, visitors will do activities on the website and the entire process will be stored on the server in a certain period of time until the cache appears again, in which this process will certainly take a fairly high bandwidth.

However, LS's cache crawler will readily know the running processes, then the page does not need to be stored on the server and will be minimized. Thus, the cache will only display the most recent appearance on a website. That's it! LS's cache crawler will work perfectly with the LiteSpeed WordPress cache to speed up your website.


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