If you don't have access to the WordPress administrator page and wish to disable plugins, there is a very easy way to do it.

Step 1 - Open File Manager

Open the File Manager of your website and enter the wp-content folder. There you’ll find plugins and themes folders:

Step 2 - Check your plugins and disable them

If your website doesn’t use Elementor, to disable your plugins just rename the entire plugins folder to plugins_disabled (or any different name) - this will make all of the plugins inside this folder disabled:

If your website is built with Elementor, then rename every folder except Elementor. You can also create a new folder and move all folders inside of the plugins directory except Elementor. Elementor has a special structure, and changing the plugin’s folder name can cause a site crash. Please make sure to not change the Elementor folder name.

Both options will disable plugins as the path to files will be incorrect anymore. Renaming the folders or moving them back to the /plugins directory will enable the plugins again.

To disable all themes you just need to rename themes folder.

If you disabled plugins to find out which of them is interferes with the website, and after disabling plugins the site is back online, then your next step would be checking plugins one by one:

  1. Rename folder back to plugins;
  2. Disable all plugins renaming their folders;
  3. Start enabling them one by one, checking the website’s availability in the anonymous tab.

This way you can find the corrupted plugin 😊

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