How to Manage TXT Records

Adding new TXT records and managing already created TXT records at Hostinger

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You can manage your DNS records via the DNS zone editor. To add a new record, choose the type of record as TXT:

The Manage DNS records section showing how to add a TXT record


  • If your domain is pointing elsewhere by NS records, your DNS Zone management is moved to the provider you pointed the domain to and should be managed from there

What Values to Use?

Name (Host)

If you are adding TXT records for your domain, insert @ as host. For subdomains, insert the subdomain’s name as a host. For example, for the subdomain shop.domain.tld you should enter shop as a host.

TXT Value

Enter the value you want to be added to your domain. Usually, TXT is used for adding SPF records or verification records, like when adding your domain to Google Search Engine. In these cases, your email provider or search engine will provide you with the exact record value.


If you haven't received specific TTL requirements, you can use the default TTL value of 14400 seconds (four hours).

After making any changes to your TXT records, consider up to 24 hours for them to fully propagate.

How to Edit or Delete TXT Records

If you want to apply changes or remove an existing record, go to your domain's DNS Zone Editor and select accordingly:

The DNS Zone Editor showing how to delete or edit a record
  1. Permanently delete a record

  2. Edit a record

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