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How to Manage A Records

Adding new A records and managing already created A records at Hostinger

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An A record (Address Record) is a type of DNS record that associates a domain or subdomain with its corresponding IPv4 address. It directs web traffic to your website by translating the domain name into its numerical IP address.

Some points to consider when managing A records:

  • Only the A records from your current hosting provider should be added to the domain's DNS zone. When adding new records, ensure to remove any conflicting or outdated A and AAAA records.

  • To use an IP for the www subdomain instead of the domain name, delete the CNAME record for www before adding the corresponding A record.

If your domain is pointing to Hostinger, you can manage its DNS by following this guide.

For domains pointed elsewhere, use the DNS management tools provided by the respective platform.

How to Add A Records

To add a new A record, navigate to the domain's DNS zone editor on hPanel and select this record type from the dropdown list:

Next, enter the following information:


The name or host indicates which domain or subdomain the record applies to. The @ symbol is for the root domain, such as domain.tld. For subdomains, specify the subdomain name. For example, if your subdomain is blog.domain.tld, enter only blog, as shown in this table:

What for

Value (Host)




subdomain (as in subdomain.domain.tld)

Wildcard subdomains



ftp (as in ftp.domain.tld)

Wildcard A records, which use the * symbol as host, work by directing all undefined subdomains to a single IP address. While this record can be added to the domain's DNS zone, consider that for domains hosted at Hostinger, you still need to manually create each subdomain.

Points to

This is the content or target IP to which you want to point your domain. For example, for domains hosted at Hostinger, it will point to the IP of your hosting plan.

The target must be an IPv4 (IP version 4) address, following a format similar to this: To point the domain using IPv6, use an AAAA record instead.


If you don't have a specific requirement, use the default value of 14400 seconds (four hours).

How to Edit or Delete A Records

To modify or remove an existing record in the DNS Zone Editor, locate the record – you can use the search bar – and click on the corresponding option:

The DNS Zone Editor showing how to delete or edit a record

  1. Delete - the record is removed without requiring further confirmation.

  2. Edit - enter the new type, name, target and TTL values, then click on Update.

After making any changes to your DNS records, consider up to 24 hours for them to fully propagate 💡

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