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How to set up email filters for Hostinger Email (using Webmail)?
How to set up email filters for Hostinger Email (using Webmail)?
Creating email filters on Hostinger Email
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Before setting up email filters

At Hostinger, we provide several types of emails. If your Emails section looks this way:

You are using Titan Email. In that case, you can follow this guide: How to set up email filters for Titan Email?

If instead of the Titan logo you see an envelope (✉️), you are using Hostinger Email.

Creating new filters

You can create an email filter via Webmail. All you need to do is access your Webmail account, then open one of your emails (which is the one you wish to filter) and select MoreCreate Filter:

Specify filter settings such as subject, recipient and/or sender, and click Next Step:

Create the rules of the filter and click Save:

  • Filter name - assign a name to the filter

  • Scope - match any or all of the set rules

  • Rules - conditions that will trigger the filter

  • Actions - what will happen to the messages that meet the filter's rules

This section provides you with the ability to create filters for just about any situation, which greatly simplifies the process of filtering out any unwanted emails and keeps your mailbox clean.

Managing existing filters

To manage your current filters open Settings → Filters and click on the filter in question:

Then at the top of the page, you’ll be able to delete the filter:


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