How to Export a Database With phpMyAdmin

Exporting a database via phpMyAdmin at Hostinger

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You can easily export a database from your Hostinger Web or Cloud hosting plan by following these steps:

  1. Open the database using phpMyAdmin

  2. Click the Export button on the phpMyAdmin top bar:

    The phpMyAdmin main page showing how to initiate database exporting

  3. To export your database in SQL file format, which is the most commonly used when moving databases, scroll down and click on Go:

    The Exporting tables section showing the quick export method selected and how to start the process

  4. If you have special requirements , such as a different file format or export only some tables from your database, select the Custom export method and adjust the settings accordingly:

The custom database export method showing the customization options

That’s it! Once you click Go, a copy of your database will be downloaded to your local device.

If you encounter any issues using this method, try exporting via SSH 💡

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